As a patient in my family practice and the South Oakville Family Health Organization (FHO) I am writing to ask that you call our office first when seeking same day urgent care. Why? Because patients who receive continuity in their health care have better outcomes.

I am also asking you to avoid seeing family physicians outside the FHO, i.e. neighbourhood Walk-Ins and Virtual Clinics. Why?

  • The physician you will be seeing in person or virtually has no knowledge of your medical history, and this can impact the quality of care you receive,
  • As your family physician I will not receive any information about your appointment from the walk-in physician,
  • The walk-in/virtual clinic physician deals only with the very specific symptom you present with. He/she cannot understand that symptom in the context of your medical history

If my office cannot provide you with a same day appointment, you will be seen at our After-Hours Clinic by a physician from our FHO. He/she will send me a note about the encounter with the nature of the concern, the findings, as well as any actions taken such as prescriptions, blood work or other tests.  This communication enables me to keep abreast of your health needs and concerns, providing continuity of care, which is an essential component of quality of care. 

When our After-Hours clinics aren’t available, we recommend you call the nurse staffed Telephone Health Advisory Service. You will be assessed by the nurse who can usually address your concerns. If you do need to see a physician, the nurse will direct you to the appropriate after hours care in your neighbourhood. As your family physician I receive an Encounter Note from the THAS Nurse, again keeping me abreast of your needs/concerns.

Continuity of care has always been at the heart of family practice and I look forward go caring for you in the years to come