Please be advised that if you are not physically in the province of Ontario at the time of your virtual/phone appointment, our physicians cannot provide medical care according to the policies set out by the OCFP and CPSO. Medico-legally our physicians’ practicing licenses are for those residing in Ontario only.

 Zero Tolerance Policy for Aggressive & Abusive Behaviour

Aggressive behaviour or any form of verbal, or physical abuse towards staff or others in this office, will not be tolerated. Our office staff and physicians are working hard to provide the care you need, including clearing care backlogs that have resulted from the pandemic.
Please be patient as we work to help you.

Booking Appointments 

To avoid wait times while booking over the phone, please visit our Online Appointment Booking web page to book your next appointment and see your Doctor, nurse, or lab assistant.

*PLEASE NOTE: You are required to have a valid health card and version code upon arrival to your appointments and checking in. Please visit this website to update your health card.

**If you fail to have a valid health card at your appointment, you will need to give your credit card information to the front staff. There will be no charge to your card at this time. After your appointment, you will need to look into getting an updated health card and version code.

***You will have 2.5 months for us to receive this information from the date of your appointment. We will not be chasing you for this information. If we do not receive this information, we will charge the credit card for your visit based on the OMA billing fees.

In Office Appointment Reminder

If you are scheduled to see your health care provider in the office, please ensure that you are aware of the following:

1. Wearing a mask is optional but encouraged. We are kindly asking patients to wear a mask if you are coming into the office for an appointment, especially if you are exhibiting symptoms of a cold or flu. It is a critical safety measure in our relatively high risk environment, where we care for vulnerable and frail patients  (i.e. minimizing the risk of exposing healthcare workers and other patients).

2. Arrive on time, please be considerate and arrive at least 5 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time to avoid creating any scheduling backlogs.

3. Be patient. This relates to the second point regarding backlogs. Although we remind all patients to arrive 5 minutes prior to their appointment time, please understand that we are trying our best to see all patients during their scheduled appointment time.

For our Evolving Office Procedures and Policies (Includes Regular COVID-19 Updates), CLICK HERE